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Dr Abhishek Aggarwal

Principal Dentist (B.D.S) at Sydney CBD Dental

Dr Abhishek Aggarwal, a principal dentist at Sydney CBD Dental

Dr. Abhishek Aggarwal believes in treating his patients with the care and comfort he would provide to his own family. His key philosophy is that dentistry should focus on the effects it will have on the patient’s entire wellbeing. Therefore, he strongly believes that everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile, along with optimal personal health starting with a healthy mouth. To achieve this he works with you until you are satisfied because your satisfaction is his motivation.

Using the newest technology, he is able to achieve smiles for his patients that are truly theirs and stay true to their overall symmetry.

Graduating from the University of Adelaide, Dr. Aggarwal returned to his hometown of Sydney to establish his career in dentistry. Prior to managing Sydney CBD Dental, Dr Aggarwal also worked as a Partner and Principal Dentist for other start-up practices and has a vast experience in running a busy and cutting edge practice.

To stay true to his profession, Dr. Aggarwal is constantly developing and researching different topics, especially those that relate to helping you to achieve excellent health and improve your everyday life. A busy professional family man, he does not have a lot of spare time but whenever he does, he enjoys playing cricket and tennis. He also enjoys travelling and has become a bit of a foodie with a passion for cooking thanks to his wife.

Dr Mark Sinclair

Dentist at Sydney CBD Dental

Dr Mark Sinclair, a principal dentist at Sydney CBD dental

Dr. Mark Sinclair has been involved as a dentist since 1982. After graduating from the University of Sydney in 1980 where he was elected president of the student body in the final year, he has maintained a profile within the wider profession in various roles. He has overseen the expansion of his Bathurst practice to include other dentists and visiting specialists which provide a truly multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.

In 2002 Dr Sinclair graduated in Law from Macquarie University and in 2006 was admitted as a Solicitor by the NSW Supreme Court. He has been involved in providing numerous lectures and teaching programs both on a state and national basis in connection with clinical dentistry especially involving risk management for the whole dental team. In 2009, Dr Sinclair was elected president of the NSW Branch of the Australian Dental Association. This body represents the largest group of practising dentists in Australia. He was re-elected in 2010 and 2011. He has held many positions within the NSW Branch and continues to represent the profession on many fronts. Mark has remained enthusiastically involved with dentistry and his patients with a special interest in the comprehensive care,
implant dentistry and practice management. He is an elected Fellow of the following organisations:

  • International College of Dentists
  • Academy of Dentistry International
  • Australian College of Legal Medicine
  • Pierre Fauchard Academy. (International Trustee and Chair, Australasian Section)

Dr Karen Grealis

Associate Dentist at Sydney CBD Dental

Dr Karen-Grealis, an Associate Dentist at Sydney CBD Dental

Known for her gentle approach and unfailing determination to successfully treat even the most complex of dental issues, Ireland-born Dr Karen Grealis earned her Bachelor of Dental Science (with honours) from Trinity College Dublin in 2012.

She began her career by working on complex dental problems alongside a multi-disciplinary team. She went on to provide pre- and post-surgery treatment to patients at the Head and Neck Cancer Clinic in Dublin, exposing her to extremely challenging dental cases. She also has experience in on-call services for serious paediatric and adult dental trauma, and spent time in Sydney treating complex cases for patients with conditions like dementia and MS.

Although Dr Grealis has a fierce determination to tackle challenging dental issues, her approach to patients is caring and gentle. She prefers to get to know her patients and spend time educating them on their oral health and treatment options, which is perhaps one reason why she was nominated for Ireland’s “Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year” award in 2015.

Dr Grealis is a part of the Australian Dental Association and Irish Dental Association, and continues to pursue ongoing education to further develop her skills. Outside of dental, she enjoys spending her free time outdoors, playing sports, cooking, reading and exploring Australia.

Alicia Briffa (BOH)

Dental Hygienist at Sydney CBD Dental

Gloria Basily, an oral health therapist at Sydney CBD Dental

Alicia started her dental career in 1999 as a sterilising assistant and then undertook training to become a dental assistant. To further her career she studied Dental Hygiene at the University of Newcastle. In 2010 she graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health and in 2018 joined Sydney CBD.

Alicia is passionate about preventative dental care which includes your overall health and wellbeing, and is continually updating her professional skills to provide you with the latest techniques, including teeth whitening.

“Because I had major dental work as a child, I particularly find it rewarding to help patients with dental anxiety or nerves, to help to overcome their fears. In my spare time I enjoy riding my horse, gardening, I am a volunteer with the SES joined in 2012, in 2016 received an award for NSW volunteer of the year and enjoy going to rodeos.

Yolanda Li

Dental Hygienist at Sydney CBD Dental

Yolanda Li, Dental Hygienist at Sydney CBD Dental

Yolanda has been working as a dental hygienist for 13 years, since graduating from a "Conversion Course for Overseas Dentists to Dental Hygienists" in Adelaide. She customises her treatment in a gentle and thorough manner, and firmly believes in the saying " Do to others what you would want others do to you". She is currently doing a Human Science course at Macquarie University to broaden her knowledge.

In addition to educating patients about dental health, she also does volunteering talks to school-aged children.

Yolanda is passionate about swimming and badminton in her spare time.

Our Support Team

Our professional team is committed to providing you with high quality dental care and service, also helping to ensure that your visit is as pleasant as possible. 

Monika Maharaj, Practice Manager at Sydney CBD Dental
Natalie Ruan, Receptionist at Sydney CBD Dental
Rebecca Pearce, Receptionist at Sydney CBD Dental

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Lisa Kim, Dental Assistant at Sydney CBD Dental

Katherine Lawrence, Dental Assistant at Sydney CBD Dental

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