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Top 5 Dental Christmas Gifts

dental christmas gifts

Need some Christmas gift ideas for your family? These dental-themed gifts for all ages are a fantastic way to treat your loved ones while also helping them to care for their oral health in the New Year. For The Little Ones These fun and practical gift ideas will keep the kids smiling long past C... Continue reading

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12 Days of Dental Hazards – Things to Watch Out For This Christmas

Christmas dental hazards

For many people, the holiday season is an excuse to let their hair down and not worry so much about their diet. But there are some routines you can't afford to break, especially when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Try to avoid these 12 bad Christmas habits so you and your family can enjoy... Continue reading

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Do you have sensitive teeth? Here’s Why!


Dentists call it dentin hypersensitivity. To most people, it is simply known as sensitive teeth. Basically, a person who suffers from sensitive teeth would cringe in discomfort when their teeth come into contact with hot or cold foods and beverages. For some people, that sharp sensation emanating fr... Continue reading

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4 Signs that you have Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The last adult teeth to appear in the mouth, wisdom teeth usually emerge between the ages of 17 and 25. You can have as many as 4 wisdom teeth – one at each end of your upper and lower arches – or none at all. Since they emerge after the rest of our permanent teeth have already come in,... Continue reading

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5 Tips for Post Dental Implant Treatment

dental implants

After you have dental implants, it is important to make sure that they remain firmly rooted in your gums as well as to maintain the natural aesthetics of the prosthetic teeth. While it is true that dental implant treatments enjoy a high success rate – which partly accounts for its healthy take... Continue reading

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5 Reasons You Should Smile More

reasons to smile

A smile is a universally understood facial expression that everyone can appreciate. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, you are more likely to gravitate towards someone with a friendly smile, and conversely, it can help you appear more personable and attractive to others. The value of ... Continue reading

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How To Care For Your Veneers

veneers treatment tips

Dental veneers provide an excellent aesthetic solution for people who are not completely satisfied with the appearance of their smile. Dental veneers are essentially thin laminate shells made from tooth-like material that are used to cover any dental flaws or imperfections that you may have. Indeed,... Continue reading

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5 Reasons You Should Replace Your Missing Teeth!

dental implants

There are short-term as well as long-term effects to losing one’s teeth. Not only can missing teeth affect the appearance of your smile, it can hamper the normal functions of your teeth – anything from speech to chewing and biting. Missing teeth can also be frustrating and embarrassing. ... Continue reading

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Which Type Of Dental Implant Is Right For You?

Couple with dental implants smile.

A dental implant can also be called an artificial tooth root. The titanium post is designed to hold a replacement tooth firmly in position, the same way a natural tooth root does. If you are missing one or more teeth due to injury or gum disease, a dental implant treatment offers a modern restorativ... Continue reading

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Veganism vs. Dental Health

Effect of vegan diet on dental health.

The state of your dental health is closely associated with your diet. While most people would blame poor dental health on sugary foods and drinks, there are those that attribute dental ailments to a plant-based diet as well. In fact, the dental health of vegans has been a topic of concern for those ... Continue reading

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