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Can Your Dentist Help You Stop Snoring?

Can Your Dentist Help You Stop Snoring?

Many people snore, but if your snoring is causing problems for you or other people you live with, consider talking to your doctor or dentist. They'll ask about your symptoms and examine your mouth, nose and throat to try to diagnose your issue and recommend suitable treatments. If they think you mi... Continue reading

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How to Keep Your Teeth White and Stain-Free

tips on keeping your smile white and bright

Keeping your teeth white isn't always easy. Even if you brush and floss every day, certain things you eat and drink can create stubborn stains that are difficult to remove. Even if you're considering cosmetic dentistry, it's still important to maintain your smile to help your treatment last longer ... Continue reading

Tags:  Oral Health,  Porcelain Veneers,  Teeth Whitening

4 Ways to Prevent Dental Accidents

how to prevent dental accidents

Whether it's a motor vehicle accident; sporting injury; slip, trip or fall; or something you ate; dental accidents can happen at any time – but that doesn't mean you can't take steps to protect your teeth, gums and jaws from injury. This way, you can help lower the risk of your teeth getting ... Continue reading

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Is Fluoride Safe?

Most Australians today have access to fluoride in tap water and toothpaste, which has proven to help lower the rate of tooth decay, cavities and oral health problems. The levels of fluoride added to local water supplies are safe and effective for all ages, but consuming excessive amounts can cause ... Continue reading

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Are You Scared of Visiting the Dentist?

Are you scared of visiting the dentist?

Many people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, but that doesn't have to mean missing out on important dental care. If you're worried about the possible pain or discomfort involved in treatments, you don't like needles or drills, or you've had a bad dental experience in the past, talking to yo... Continue reading

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6 Exercises to Ease TMJ Pain

If your jaw often clicks, locks or hurts when you open and close your mouth, or you have unexplained aches in your head, neck or ears, you might have a TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the two joints that connect your lower jaw to your upper jaw. Strain or injuries to these join... Continue reading


5 Ways to Beat Bad Breath

Are you always conscious of the smell of your breath? You're not alone. As many as one in three people suffer from bad breath (halitosis) according to the Australian Dental Association, and it can have a number of possible causes. To banish bad breath, you first need to understand why it's happenin... Continue reading


Top 5 Dental Christmas Gifts

dental christmas gifts

Need some Christmas gift ideas for your family? These dental-themed gifts for all ages are a fantastic way to treat your loved ones while also helping them to care for their oral health in the New Year. For The Little Ones These fun and practical gift ideas will keep the kids smiling long past C... Continue reading

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12 Days of Dental Hazards – Things to Watch Out For This Christmas

Christmas dental hazards

For many people, the holiday season is an excuse to let their hair down and not worry so much about their diet. But there are some routines you can't afford to break, especially when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Try to avoid these 12 bad Christmas habits so you and your family can enjoy... Continue reading

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Do you have sensitive teeth? Here’s Why!


Dentists call it dentin hypersensitivity. To most people, it is simply known as sensitive teeth. Basically, a person who suffers from sensitive teeth would cringe in discomfort when their teeth come into contact with hot or cold foods and beverages. For some people, that sharp sensation emanating fr... Continue reading

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