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Top 5 Dental Christmas Gifts

dental christmas gifts

Need some Christmas gift ideas for your family? These dental-themed gifts for all ages are a fantastic way to treat your loved ones while also helping them to care for their oral health in the New Year. For The Little Ones These fun and practical gift ideas will keep the kids smiling long past C... Continue reading

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12 Days of Dental Hazards – Things to Watch Out For This Christmas

Christmas dental hazards

For many people, the holiday season is an excuse to let their hair down and not worry so much about their diet. But there are some routines you can't afford to break, especially when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Try to avoid these 12 bad Christmas habits so you and your family can enjoy... Continue reading

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Veganism vs. Dental Health

Effect of vegan diet on dental health.

The state of your dental health is closely associated with your diet. While most people would blame poor dental health on sugary foods and drinks, there are those that attribute dental ailments to a plant-based diet as well. In fact, the dental health of vegans has been a topic of concern for those ... Continue reading

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How To De-Stress This Winter

Couple drink a warm beverage to keep warm during the winter.

If you, like most people, have experienced what is known as ‘winter blues’, you would understand why the cold and drab nature of the season could sometimes affect a person mentally and emotionally. There is even a medical term for winter depression – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SA... Continue reading

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Easy Breakfasts For Busy Workers

If you find yourself skipping breakfast often due to lack of time in the mornings, you may wish to plan better for the future. Having a healthy and nutritional breakfast is the way to go if you want to start each day with energy and vitality. Since it’s the most important meal of the day, it&r... Continue reading

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4 Ways to Boost your Immune System

immune system boosts

Tired? Stressed? Catching colds often? If you suffer these symptoms often, there may be a problem with your immune system. As we go on with our daily lives filled with work, events and duties; we often forget to take care of ourselves. Here are 4 ways to boost your immune system: 1. Increase Pro-... Continue reading

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