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5 More Dental Christmas Gifts to Look After Your Teeth

If you're stuck for stocking stuffers, Secret Santas and other Christmas gift ideas, what about gifts that can help your loved ones to take care of their teeth and gums?

Last year, Sydney CBD Dental gave a rundown of the top 5 dental Christmas gifts for kids and adults, from tooth pillows and sports mouthguards to whitening treatments.

Here are 5 more gift ideas to help your family improve their oral care routine and help children feel more comfortable going to the dentist.

1. Electric toothbrush

When you brush correctly, there's no real difference between an electric toothbrush and a standard toothbrush in terms of keeping your teeth clean, but some people find electric brushes easier to use. If your child has trouble brushing and their oral hygiene is suffering, their dentist may suggest going electric.[1]

Electric toothbrushes for kids are available in a wide range of designs that children may find appealing, and some play music or sounds to encourage them to brush for the recommended two minutes. Just as you're supposed to replace a manual toothbrush every so often, you should replace electric toothbrush heads every three months.[1]

2. Water flosser

As well as brushing, dentists recommend that you floss once a day to remove trapped food and plaque from parts of your mouth that can't be reached by a toothbrush.[2] Like electric toothbrushes, electric flossers or water flossers are also available, if someone in your family needs encouragement to floss or finds traditional floss uncomfortable.

Even standard floss can be a fun stocking stuffer if you search for creative flavours that are bound to be a hit, from cupcake floss to bacon flavour. That way, you can be more confident that your family will clean their teeth after indulging on festive treats.

3. Toothbrushing tracker

Fitness and wellness trackers can help people of all ages to stay in shape and maintain healthy routines, and this includes tooth brushing.

Timer features on health trackers and mobile apps can remind users when it's time to brush and floss their teeth, when it's time to replace their toothbrush and when it's time for their dental visit. They can also guide them through the brushing process step-by-step to make sure they clean their teeth properly.

For something more flashy, some electric toothbrushes can link with smartphones over Bluetooth to synchronise with teeth brushing apps directly and track brushing habits.

4. Smart water bottle

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is important for avoiding dehydration, which makes it easier for dental plaque to spread. If your local water supply is fluoridated, this also helps to protect your teeth.[3]

If you know someone who needs a little encouragement to drink water, a smart water bottle will help them get into good habits. These use sensors to track water intake and alert users if it's time to drink. Smart water flasks can be especially useful for people who work outdoors or in demanding jobs and who may forget to drink unless prompted.

5. Dental toys

If you have a budding dentist at home, dentist playsets and dress-up kits can encourage little ones to develop positive associations with dentistry that could last all through their lives. It's recommended that children have their first dental visit by the age of one year old, or six months after their first tooth appears.[4]

If your family are due for your regular check-up, contact our friendly team at Sydney CBD Dental today. We'll help you to make an appointment at a time that suits your busy schedule. Call us on (02) 9232 3900 or book an appointment online.


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