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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Do you need to repair, strengthen or replace a tooth? Talk to our dentists about a dental crown or dental bridge in Sydney.

Dental crowns and bridges can restore the original look, feel and function of teeth. At Sydney CBD Dental, our professional dentists use the latest scanning technology to design custom crowns and bridges for chipped, cracked, weakened or missing teeth, with no uncomfortable moulds needed. We can match your restorations to your natural tooth colour for a seamless finish.

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Professional Dental crowns Service in Sydney

how do dental crowns functionA dental crown is a cap placed over the top of a tooth. It may be used to restore the original shape, size and function of a tooth that's been chipped or wor down, or to strengthen a cracked or weakened tooth.

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain and metals. Porcelain crowns are the most natural-looking option, as the material can be colour-matched to teeth and has similar reflective qualities to natural tooth enamel.







When is a dental crown needed?

Dental crowns are versatile restorations that can be both cosmetic and functional. Our dentists may recommend a crown if a tooth has been damaged by tooth decay, an injury or other trauma or disease. We may also fit a crown as part of another dental procedure.

Common reasons for dental crowns include:

  • rebuilding a chipped, cracked or broken tooth
  • repairing tooth damage that's too severe for a white filling
  • replacing an old filling
  • restoring a tooth worn down by grinding (bruxism)
  • protecting a weak tooth
  • strengthening a tooth following a root canal treatment
  • supporting a dental bridge on either side
  • covering a dental implant
  • covering a stained, discoloured or misshapen tooth
  • straightening or lengthening teeth

Quality Long Lasting Dental bridges in Sydney

A dental bridge is used to replace one or more teeth. It 'bridges' the gap between missing teeth and is usually supported by the remaining teeth on each side or by a dental implant.

There are several different options for bridge tooth replacement. Our dentists will recommend the most suitable type of bridge for your individual needs.

When is a dental bridge needed?

A dental bridge could be an option to replace missing teeth if you still have some natural teeth remaining for support. Placing a bridge is less complex than having dental implants, and a fixed bridge may be preferred over removable dentures.

Benefits of a dental bridge include:

  • restoring the appearance, strength and function of your smile
  • preventing neighbouring teeth from shifting into the gap and becoming crooked
  • distributing chewing forces more evenly to prevent jaw joint dysfunction
  • helping to support your facial structure

Want to know more about dental crowns and bridges and if they're right for you? Call our Sydney dentists on (02) 9232 3900 to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.

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Types of dental crowns and bridges

Dental crown materials

You can choose from several types of dental crowns at Sydney CBD Dental, depending on your needs and your price range. These include:

  • Porcelain (ceramic) crowns – the best choice for natural-looking restorations, porcelain crowns have a similar translucent finish to teeth enamel in different light conditions.
  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns – combining the aesthetics of porcelain crowns with the added strength of metal crowns, the metal core may show through in certain light conditions.
  • Metal crowns – strong and long-lasting, metal crowns have declined in popularity as most people now prefer the more natural look of ceramic

Dental bridge options

Dental bridges may be made from porcelain, metal, alumina or zirconia. Our dentists can explain more about the pros and cons of different bridge materials at your consultation. The 3 types of dental bridges we offer are:

  • Fixed bridge – the artificial tooth is supported by crowns placed over the two surrounding teeth.
  • Cantilever bridge – if a supporting tooth is not available, this bridge only needs to be supported on one side.
  • Maryland bridge – used to replace missing front teeth, this bridge attaches to the inside of the surrounding teeth and is bonded in place using resin.

How are dental crowns and bridges fitted?

Placing a dental crown or bridge usually involves 2 visits to our Sydney dental clinic.

On your first visit, your dentist will prepare your tooth or teeth for crowns by reducing them in size. We'll then use state-of-the-art scanning technology to take an accurate measurement of your prepared teeth that can be used to manufacture your custom crown or bridge. This avoids the need to take uncomfortable moulds of your teeth.

We only work with high quality Australian dental laboratories, who will manufacture your crown or bridge to a high standard and send it back to our dental clinic as quickly as possible. We'll fit you with a temporary crown or bridge until your custom restorations are ready.

On your next visit, we'll check that your custom crowns fit correctly and make any final adjustments needed before bonding them into place. If you're having a dental bridge, this will be fitted at the same time as the supporting crowns.

Crown and bridge risks and recovery

There are always minor risks involved with any dental treatment. Some people find that their teeth feel painful or more sensitive after crowns are placed, but this will usually go away after a few days and can be managed with medication.

Your new dental crown or bridge should last for many years when you follow good oral hygiene and avoid overly hard or sticky foods. If it does get damaged or dislodged, make an appointment at our dental clinic as soon as possible.

Dental Crowns Cost

Procedure Estimated Fee
Dental Crown $1600-$2250

The cost of dental crowns may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment. Sydney CBD Dental is proud to provide their patient's high quality materials and the best service from our experienced dentists. To find out more book a consultation with us.

Why choose dental crowns and bridges at Sydney CBD Dental?

Our professional dentists in Sydney CBD have extensive experience designing and fitting crowns and bridges for patients of all ages.

We will involve you in the decision-making process every step of the way, so you can be sure you're choosing the best option for your needs and your price range. We work with trusted dental clinics based in Australia to make sure your dental crowns and bridges are manufactured to a high standard.

Our dental clinic is QIP Accredited, ensuring that we have safety and quality systems in place that promote safe care. We're also easy to find at 600 George Street on Sydney CBD, with public transport nearby.

Talk to our dentists about a dental crown or dental bridge in Sydney today. Call us on (02) 9232 3900 or make an appointment online.

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