Do You Have Missing Teeth? Here’s Why You Should Replace Them

What are the Issues with Missing Teeth?

Do you have one or more missing permanent teeth? Perhaps you are not bothered by the missing gap in your smile, brushing it off as just a cosmetic issue that you are prepared to put up with. Even if you are not overly concerned about the appearance factor, you should be aware that other health and dental problems may crop up as a consequence of losing a permanent tooth.

It is important to replace your missing teeth for both immediate and long-term reasons. Missing teeth can lead to immediate changes; even things that you normally take for granted can suddenly become difficult. From the onset, missing teeth can affect your speech and the way you bite and chew your food. When you start to avoid certain types of food due to your inability to chew them properly, you may end up missing important nutrients thereby adversely impacting your health in the long run.

Besides these obvious reasons, the tooth loss condition can also lead to progressive health problems. When a gap left by a missing permanent tooth is left untreated for a period of time, the surrounding teeth can start to drift into the vacated spot, away from their proper positions. When that happens, the improper growth of the neighbouring teeth can create misalignment issues and affect your bite.

Misaligned teeth that are closely packed (crowded) or unevenly spaced can create pockets of space that are difficult to access by normal brushing and flossing, thus giving rise to bacterial buildup and plaque accumulation. This in turn can lead to gum disease and more tooth loss problems. After all, gum disease is the leading cause of missing teeth in adults.

When teeth are lost for a long time, the area of the jawbone that used to support the teeth will begin to erode. The bone erosion can make it difficult to place a dental implant or dentures as future restorative options. Over time, it can also impact your overall dental health, not to mention the quality of your bite.

Treating Edentulous Patients With Dental Implants

One of the best ways to remedy the immediate and long-term effects of missing teeth is by opting for dental implant treatment.

Besides offering a permanent solution to preventing bone deterioration, dental implants also help to maintain the bone after tooth loss. Dental implants are essentially small titanium posts that serve as replacement tooth roots when they are placed in areas of the mouth where there are missing teeth.

As foundation for artificial teeth, dental implants deliver unprecedented strength, durability and stability. If properly maintained through good oral hygiene habits and regular visits to the dentist, dental implants can last for more than 30 years. In many cases, they can even last a lifetime, which make it a highly cost effective investment.

As mentioned, installing dental implants can help to preserve the underlying bone of the missing teeth. This is because the bone forms a strong and lasting biological bond to the implants through a process known as Osseointegration, which allows the implant to support the same functions as natural tooth roots. As such, dental implants not only give you a permanent set of beautiful and healthy replacement teeth, it helps to prevent bone loss problems associated with missing teeth.

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