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QIP Accreditation: Why should people choose an accredited dental practice?

On the whole, dental clinics in Australia have a good reputation for maintaining high standards of quality healthcare and compliance with safety regulations. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be cautious when selecting a practice to look after your dental needs and those of your loved ones. Whether you are choosing a dentist or require some dental work done, don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for recommendations, instead of settling for the most conveniently located clinic. When it comes to aspects of patient safety and quality care, it is also useful to ask whether the practice in question has a proven track record. That is one of the key reasons why you should consider a QIP accredited dental practice.

It is often difficult for a patient to ascertain the safety and professional standards of a dental practice. Although you can broadly assess the practice based on your personal experience or feedback from other patients, the evaluation would be more authoritative if conducted by an independent professional body with the requisite experience and knowledge. As a non-profit health promotion charity experienced in primary and secondary healthcare accreditation, QIP (Quality Innovation Performance) certainly fulfills that role.

Formed by a merger in 2012, QIP represents the combined resources of Australia’s four major primary care accreditation bodies: The Quality Improvement Council (QIC); Quality In Practice; Quality Management Services (QMS); and Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation Inc. (QICSA).

QIP accreditation is an independent certification awarded to organizations that meet the standard of dental care that is consistent with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. To qualify for QIP accreditation, practices must demonstrate a strong commitment to implement NSQHS standards into its routine practice culture and patient safety protocols. These standards, instituted in accord with regulatory requirements passed down by Federal and State governments, are applied to healthcare services across the country as a consistent code of practice.

Sydney CBD Dental is honored to be a QIP accredited dental practice. Beyond association with the august body, it is what our QIP accreditation means to our customers that makes us truly proud. We have earned the accreditation through our willingness and ability to deliver a consistent standard of quality care. What that means to you is quite simply, a peace of mind when you undergo a treatment at our clinic. It also brings to bear the high value we place on your safety as a patient and the quality care that is evident every time you visit us.

So instead of telling you how your safety comes first at our clinic, which it does, we let our QIP Accreditation do the talking. Not only does QIP carry more professional weight and authority than feedback from an average John Doe, it is totally independent and unbiased in its assessment. Better yet, it is not a one-time evaluation but represents our continued efforts to deliver high standards of quality care and patient safety. If you have any questions about our QIP Accreditation, please contact Sydney CBD Dental at 02 9051 0503. You can also visit the QIP website for more information.