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Dental Services Sydney CBD

Are you looking for a local dental clinic in Sydney CBD that has all the services you need under one roof? Get in touch with Sydney CBD Dental today!

Our clinic at 300 George Street is more than a convenient address. Our professional dentists are highly qualified and experienced in providing a wide range of dental treatments for patients of all ages. It's our aim to meet all of your family's dental needs in one location.

Whether you want to repair, replace, straighten or whiten your teeth, or you need other dental services, talk to our friendly team today. We'll explain all the treatments we offer and what they involve so you can make an informed decision.

We accept all health funds and offer flexible payment plans to help make the cost of your dental care more affordable.

Make an appointment with our Sydney dentists – call (02) 9232 3900 or book online.

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Take a look at the services we provide and find the perfect match for your needs:

Even as your needs evolve, so too our services. Our Sydney CBD dentists are constantly keeping up with new treatment protocols, methods of delivery and technology that continue to shape modern dentistry. We remain on the cusp of cutting edge dentistry and follow best clinical practices so that our patients can benefit from this fast-moving industry and its key developments.

Our services are as broadly targeted as they are uniquely tailored. Although our service range is comprehensive – covering the general, restorative and complex cosmetic aspects of dentistry – we personalise every service to the individual. Whether you are visiting for a routine cleaning or an extensive surgery, we want to make sure that you receive the appropriate professional care that you deserve. This reinforces our customer service belief: That you receive treatment that is customised to your individual needs, delivered by trained practitioners in a caring and professional environment.

We invite you to take advantage of our one-stop dental services. In the same way that our customers have come to appreciate the high level of service that is unique to Sydney CBD Dental, we hope that you will enjoy our services and experience the difference!

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Why choose Sydney CBD Dental?

Our dentists in Sydney CBD are regularly updating our knowledge and expertise with the latest advances in global dentistry, so we can better serve our patients. We also keep our clinic updated with the latest technologies so we can offer a more comfortable and convenient dental experience.

We treat everyone we see as individuals with unique needs and goals from dental care. Our wide range of services means we can usually suggest a number of alternative treatments in many situations. We'll always explain the possible risks and costs involved, so you can weigh up the pros and cons and choose a treatment option that suits your preferences and is within your means.

From children's dentistry and orthodontics to dental care for seniors, it's our goal to be a one-stop dental clinic for everyone in our community – whether you just need a simple check-up and clean or a complex procedure. If you're nervous about dental treatments, we can also discuss sedation options to help you feel more relaxed.

If you need to correct a dental problem or you're interested in a cosmetic treatment to modify your smile, call the Sydney CBD Dental team on (02) 9232 3900.

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Find out more about our dental services in Sydney CBD

Preventive dentistry

We emphasise prevention and education at Sydney CBD Dental. We recommend that most patients visit us every 6 months for a dental hygiene appointment and professional teeth cleaning, although the ideal frequency will depend on your individual needs.

During this visit, we will check your teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and other problems, recommend any treatments we think you could benefit from and remove any plaque that may have hardened on your teeth since your last visit.

If you or your children play sports or other activities that could put your mouth and jaws at risk of injury, we may also recommend a custom fit mouth guard.

General dentistry

If you have a painful or sensitive tooth or our dentists notice a problem during your check-up, we may recommend a corrective treatment to help relieve your symptoms and restore your oral health.

If you have a cavity or your tooth is chipped or cracked, we may be able to repair it with a white filling or dental crown.

If a tooth is infected, we may recommend a root canal treatment to remove the infection and restore the tooth. Our dentists will always try to save a tooth and will only perform an extraction if there is no alternative.

Cosmetic dentistry

Do you want to change something about your smile? Talk to our dentists about the cosmetic dental treatments we offer at Sydney CBD Dental, including in-chair and at-home teeth whitening and dental veneers to cover up stains, chips and gaps.

Cosmetic treatments are not covered by most health funds. We'll make sure you have a realistic idea of what to expect from a treatment and that you understand any possible risks that may be involved.

Replacing a tooth

Have you lost one or more of your teeth? Missing teeth can affect your oral health as well as your appearance. The teeth on either side of the gap may also start to shift and become crooked without support.

However many teeth you want to replace, talk to our dentists to find out how treatments such as a dental bridge or dental implants can help restore your smile.

Orthodontic treatment

Straight teeth are important for more than aesthetic reasons. Crooked or misaligned teeth can cause difficulties with eating, speaking or brushing teeth. They can also make teeth more vulnerable to damage.

At Sydney CBD Dental, we offer orthodontic consultations for teenagers and adults who would prefer a more discreet treatment option than traditional braces.

Children's dentistry

Good dental hygiene habits should start early. That's why we've made our Sydney dental clinic a welcoming environment for kids of all ages.

Our dentists are fully qualified to provide a range of children's dental treatments, including fissure sealants, fillings and early orthodontics.

Other services

If you need a more complex treatment such as wisdom teeth removal, our dentists are also qualified to provide oral surgery.

We may also be able to help if you're experiencing related problems such as obstructive sleep apnoea or TMJ disorders, or we may refer you to a specialist.

Emergency dental care

Even if you take the best care of your teeth, accidents can still happen. It's important to get the urgent care you need when you need it most.

If you have a dental emergency and you need urgent assistance, call our emergency dentists in Sydney for advice or to arrange a same-day appointment at our clinic.

Talk to our Sydney dentists today

If you need to see a dentist or you just want some professional advice, we're here to help.

Give our team a call on (02) 9232 3900 or contact us online and we'll schedule an appointment at a time that's good for you.

Zip Payment

Own your wellness! Get the treatment you want today and pay later. With Zip, you can choose how you want to pay with a simple and flexible repayment system. 

Dental Wellbeing Program

Sydney CBD Dental is delighted to present a 10% discount voucher to apply to your dental treatments throughout the year.

Anxious Patients

We understand that some patients avoid visiting the dentist for fear of pain or traumatic experiences in the past. At Sydney CBD we can alleviate your concerns by offering pain-relief and sedation options to help make your experience as comfortable as possible.